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President Brent Sexton saw a common problem among Safety and HR departments through his experience working with large General Contractors and Specialty Contracting firms, a disconnect between their employees and training records.

Many owners require certain training, orientation, drug tests, or background checks to be cleared for work while working on jobs. Since the employees move from job to job, most of them are constantly contacting the office looking for these training cards and paper documents to send to Safety Managers on the project. Multiply this process over the 11 million workers in the construction industry, and you have thousands of hours in lost time searching for training records.

It is difficult for employers to run multiple jobs or contractors, organize man-power, schedule training classes, and update employee records while keeping safety at the forefront. As man-power shifts and training requirements change, paper files can easily be lost in the process.


In 2017, STAC was created to help employers with this very problem, providing on-demand access to safety training and certifications.

Removing the need for Safety, HR, and the employee to keep track of paper files separately, STAC has become the one resource to manage, track, and report files electronically. Our unique QR-Coded system allows you to identify employees, view training easily, and verify their credentials in real-time.

Through STAC, the costly mistakes of missing employees' training and re-certification without proper training requirements are gone. Coupling this technology with our emphasis on customer service and experience, we stand by our motto: "Employee Records Made Simple."


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Brent Sexton

President & Founder

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Brendon Sexton

Client Relations Manager

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